Water Leak Symptoms

A water leak can be causing untold damage - some seen and some hidden - either way the sooner the leak is found and repaired the better

Symptoms can be an obvious as staining on a wall or a ceiling, raised wooden floor boards, tiles rising of the floor, grout changing colour or your water bill going up!.

Symptoms of Water Leakage
• Sudden Increase in Water Usage
• Sounds of Water Running When Nothing Turned On
• Damp Patches Occurring on Floors and Walls
• Mildew and Mould Low Down on Walls
• Pinhole Leakage on Radiators
• Heating System Requires Frequent Bleeding
• Tiles becoming boast
• Wooden Floor Rising
• Grout changing colour

 All work can be covered by your house insurance policy. We work with all insurance companies

 We work with all insurance companies