Water Leak Advice

If you have just filled in our contact from Leak Detector will be in touch very soon to talk to you about your leak and arrange a time to call out to find that water leak.

If you have a water leak here are some useful things you could be doing right now.

If the leak is visible, in other words you can see water coming out of a ceiling or pipe, then turn the water off at the stop cock. The stop cock is close to where the mains water pipe enters the house, possibly under a sink in the kitchen or in the utility room.

Ring your insurance company and check that your household insurance policy has "trace and access" as part of it. Most insurance policies do have trace and access.

If you can see water coming from any electrical  appliance switch off the electricity at the main circuit board.

If you need urgent advice please call us now on 087 445 0550.

Why Use Our Leak Detection Services?

- We are Specialists in Leak Detection

- We also Repair Leaks once the leaking pipe has been discovered

- Our leak detection equipment can detect and locate leaks without causing major damage to the existing structure and fabric of the Building

- All Our Employees are Fully Trained and Insured

- We will respond to all call outs in our area within 24 Hours

- We cover all of Ireland 

- Domestic and Commercial Water Leaks Detected

- Repairs or Replacement of Leaking Pipes

- Extraction of Water Caused by Leakage and leaky pipes

- Installation of Dehumidifiers and Other Drying Out equipment

- Reinstatement of Damage Areas ( If Required )

- Monitoring of Systems to Establish No Further Leaks occurring

- Draining and Replacement of any Damaged Pipework, Boilers or Radiators

- Flushing and Refilling of Heating Systems

- Adding Anti Corrosion Agents to Heating Systems 

All leak detection work and repair of leaking pipes work can be covered by your house insurance policy.